Terms and conditions

Please read carefully before making any purchase.

1. By registering with Promovgram or any affiliates you agree to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

2. Promovgram was created to promote your product, brand or service through Instagram. We do not encourage spam or violation of Instagram user rights or rules set by Instagram.

3. Promovgram is in no way affiliated with Instagram or other social sites or other third party sites.

4. Please note that we are not responsible for any of your actions and their consequences when using Promovgram. We are not responsible if your Instagram account is flagged, blocked or prohibited.

5. You must use the login details - username and password - to log in to our application and to benefit from the respective services. However, we will never ask for your password and will not use your credentials without your permission. Promovgram does not share your credentials with third parties.

6. Our system servers are secured using high-level encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your account. However, in the event of a security breach and data loss, we are not responsible for the consequences of the event.

7. Remember that if you change your password, the script you set will automatically stop. To re-enable it, you should restart the application and log in again with the new password. 

8. The user's behavior, such as liking, following or commenting on images or gallery, cannot be predicted and therefore cannot be controlled. The actual number of likes or followers you get depends solely on the quality of the images in your gallery.

9. No refund claim will be maintained if your profile was active and there were no technical issues preventing the application from being used correctly.

10. The time of voluntary inactivity - if you choose to stop the scenario for a certain period - will not be compensated.

11. Remember that you are free and alone responsible for creating and using your own hashtags, locations, filters. 

12. We strongly encourage you to explore the Promovgram application during the free trial before making any purchase.